Tonight the firm I work for, Nathan Wechsler & Company, P.A., hosted an event at Spare Time Bowling for their employees. When we arrived, I flagged down an employee of the alley to take a group photo of us. Dan was his name. He was very willing to take a photo, and he was quite funny. Anyway, its these types of settings that we get a glimpse of what our co-workers are really like outside the office. I have to say that we have a great group of employees.

Not only are our employees great at doing their jobs, but they are fun to be around and some are even great bowlers. At these events I always like to see if anyone can get a turkey. In case you don’t know what a turkey in bowling is; it is when a bowler throws three strikes in a row. All of the teams had played two strings, and some came close, but no one actually did it until the third string. Matt was bowling ok, but something happened to him during the third string. I don’t know if he finally warmed up or relaxed. I was getting excited he had two strikes and I was eager to see him finally throw the third strike, but he was telling me not to get too excited. As he approached the lane and threw the ball, it was plainly obvious that this was going to be a strike. However, we actually had to wait and follow the ball down the alley to see if he had the right speed and aim to attack the head pin and knock all the pins down. As soon as I saw all of his pins fall down, I looked to the computer screen to see if the system would show a turkey. Unfortunately, it did not show a cartoon turkey, but it did at least display the word “Turkey” on the screen. I had to take a photo of this moment. If I could only predict the future, I should have been videotaping Matt’s next throw. Why? Because Matt threw another strike, and we cheered for such a stunning throw. Believe it or not, there is an actual name for four strikes in a row; it is called four-bagger. I was stunned; it was unbelievable.

Now, the team that I was on had a team high total score of 515. That was the score to beat. Again with Matt’s impressive four strikes in a row he definitely helped his team score a 518. While this was going on, there was another team of four, where two of the four players needed to leave. As a result, the two players, Bill and Maria, left decided to continue to play without them. They would just bowl their own boxes and the boxes of the other two players who left. Amazingly, Bill was able to not only score a 146 for his own box, but he was able to score a high of 199 for his other teammate’s box. That is an all-time high for our group. With these two impressive totals, Bill was able to lead his team to a high score of 528. Bill and Maria were able to beat the other teams with four players with this high score. Extraordinary!

This evening will definitely go down in the Nathan Wechsler & Company history as one to remember. Even though there was competition, we were happiest seeing each other succeed when a strike or spares were thrown, and that was evident as our employees cheered each other on. Again, we a great group of employees.


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