Does size really matter?

Oh how that question conjures up many responses, and in the world of digital scrapbooking the answer is YES.  Why does size matter? Well, when I first started learning how to digital scrapbook, which is obviously done on a computer, I was designing pages without thinking about the size of the pages that I was creating. For instance, the first book I created was an 8” x 8” album. I was adding several photos to each page and scaling the photos to get as many picture in the book as possible. Once the book was completed, I had it printed. The final product made me realize that size really does matter.

When working with traditional scrapbook design, pages and embellishments can be held and pictures are printed to be used. The sizes of the photos are easy to determine how many can fit per page. Unfortunately, when dealing with the digital medium, it is a bit harder because as a designer we will adjust the objects on the screen to make it easier for the image to be seen (we will not view the page at actual size). So, in the 8” x 8” album example, because I was not thinking about the size of the pages the photos on some of the pages were about an inch. The photos can still be seen, but they would have looked better if they were bigger.

Therefore, when creating digital scrapbook pages, make sure to always pay attention to the size of the page. If you are a visual person, place a piece of paper beside the computer as a reminder of the size page. Also, it would not be a bad idea to figure out what is the smallest sized picture that you want on any given page to make sure that you do not go below that size.

Hope this was helpful.



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