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Initially, I was creating this blog to focus solely on scrapbooking, but I want it to be about more. There are many aspects of the art world that I love. One being animation. When I was younger, I had a dream to become a Walt Disney World animator. As a matter of fact, when I was about 16 years old, I purchased a book titled Disney Animation The illusion of Life for $200. That was a lot of money for me. Unfortunately, I never went to school to even learn how to. Over the years, I took art classes to practice painting and drawing, but life’s journey took me down a totally different path.

Over the years I still had a strong desire to stay involved in art, but I was not sure what I could do. Then I was introduced to scrapbooking. I figured why not, I had a “ton” of photos from various vacations, events, and of my family especially my two daughters. The first item I designed was a card with photos of my girls. For my first try it was simple, but I did enjoy the process. And I knew at that moment I was hooked. Like anything, the more one does anything the better and more creative they become. Also, when I was on vacations, I would always keep in the back of my mind things that I might want to keep for the scrapbook. For instance, if we were visiting Walt Disney World, I would keep the park maps. It is amazing how the graphics from those brochures can come in handy to add embellishments to a scrapbook page. Scrapbook artwork has become so sophisticated and individuals can create pages that are very simple to a page with details to design a piece of art. Yet, again I was introduced to another form of scrapbooking which was digital, and that was it. I completely feel in love with this art form.

However, this is not the only topic that I would like to write about. I like photography, animation, puzzles, and anything else that catches my eye. Seeing that this is the first time that I am blogging, it will take me some time to get good at it, but eventually, I hope you can find something of interest to you.

Thank you for reading this blog.


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